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Thursday, July 21, 2005

"What do you mean you know him?" Cruickshank said. "You know him know him?"

"His name's John," I said. "I know his fiancee from college."

Cruickshank slid a pad of paper across the desk to me. "Write it all down," he said. "I want forty thousand details. I think this guy is our big break."

I started writing. Took me a while to remember his last name, but I got it all down. In particular I made a point of describing the time his bodyguards followed me down the street that time I met Erin and him in the coffee place. "Just to put all this in context for you," I said as I was writing, "he's an executive at Laslin Dufresne Cathcart. Big financial guy."

"Mm," Greyghost said.

"Jackpot," Cruickshank whispered.
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