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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Something a little different tonight. The following are all obscure superheroes who have appeared in a comic book, TV show, movie, book or whatever. The idea is to identify that comic book, TV show, movie, book or whatever. No prizes, except the satisfaction of a job well done. Leave your answers in the comments section. Go!

1. Alien Orphan
2. Antibody
3. Ashtray Boy (no, I didn't make him up)
4. Brown Hornet
5. Captain California
6. Captain Kipple
7. Citizen Mercury
8. Exo-Man
9. Gazer-Beam
10. Lady X
11. Laser Lady
12. Luna Moth
13. Ms. Place
14. Poodle Girl
15. Sockhead
16. Stretch Dude
17. Superteen
18. Superweasel
19. Voice-Over
20. Whippersnapper (this one's real tough)

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