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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Stupid for so, so many reasons. First, what did I think Surefire was going to do? Even if he did recognize me. The guy has sunk so low that he's become a supervillain, apparently; what the hell have we got to say to each other? I've met the guy about four times in my life. What am I going to tell him?

Second. There are about a dozen super-powered maniacs fighting for their lives over there. They have to learn to settle their disputes all by themselves; if I keep interfering they'll never learn.

Third. If Fountain hears my voice, and recognizes it, I'm screwed.

Anyway. Everyone turned and looked at me. I cowered behind the car door as the other flying guy from the Professionals fired a bunch of force bolts at me. The door bounced off me a few times. Then Icecap distracted him with his cold ray, or whatever it is.

The girl's eyes widened. She gasped, and put her hands over her ears. Then Thunderhead broke free of Margay, who had kind of wrapped herself around his neck, and clapped his hands together hard.

The girl was partly braced for it, and Thunderhead was unaffected, but everyone else was completely bowled over by a giant wave of force. I got some nasty bruises from the car door, and my ears were ringing. Thunderhead grabbed her and booted it for the car.

Fountain, who was far enough away not to get caught in Thunderhead's blast, saw them running and broke into a run himself. I caught the girl's eye and pointed at him. She looked back, saw him, and tried to do what she had done to Sugarbear and Fantastic Man and Keyring, but apparently it didn't work.

By the time they were in the car, people across the parking lot were starting to pick themselves up, and Fountain was almost on top of us. Thunderhead snapped his fingers and dropped him in his tracks, and I patched out.
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