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Thursday, June 02, 2005

One of the things I do every now and then is get out the maps and figure out new routes around the city. Not for me, but for Greyghost. It's difficult, because I have to take the heights of buildings into account. He already knows most of the tricks, but occasionally you can see things on a map that aren't as obvious in real life.

This is all just to give him an edge, or maybe a way of sneaking around to protect his secret identity. It's not like Batman or Spider-Man where he patrols the city every night, swinging from rooftop to rooftop. Greyghost doesn't patrol very often, for these reasons:

1. You really can't move very fast that way, unless you're a cartoon character. It's faster than walking, but there's not much more you can say about it.

2. Not all crimes take place around where the tall buildings are. Even in this city.

3. It's a pretty random way of looking for trouble. Think about how terrible the odds are of actually arriving at a crime scene at the moment the crime is taking place. You'd be better off with a lottery ticket.

Greyghost'll patrol across the rooftops maybe once every month or two, just to stay in practice, but mostly he prefers to use his head. He collects information, from his informants and other sources, and analyzes them, and chooses his hunting sites. He then rides in quiet luxury to his quarry, in the back of a late-model sedan driven by a handsome chauffeur, sometimes enjoying a nutritious meal as he does so. Upon arrival he apprehends the ruffians with alacrity, turns them over to the local constabulary, and returns to the vehicle for a leisurely trip home. This is how a civilized superhero operates.

(I just got a new thesaurus.)
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