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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I can only remember another couple of things discussed around the table that would stick in the mind of any sane human.

One was Greyghost, who gave a quick summary on what he was up to with Underhand. Some of the others, like Bob and Cassie, were already mostly familiar with the whole extravaganza, but there was much whistling and raising of eyebrows among the rest.

He finished by saying, "I expect to need to move against Underhand's assets in other cities, and will no doubt be calling on some of you for your aid in that area."

Nobody said anything for a moment.

"Well," Daylighter said, "you think big."

"If you're trying to pick off his supervillains one by one," Scintilla said, "you should probably start with those two torpedoes of his. Asskicker and Nametaker? Them."

"I've been trying to catch the two of them for years now. I'm still trying. They're my top priority. The largest problem is that they know I'm after them."

"I'll be damned if I'd try taking on Underhand now of all times," Whitecap said. "You can't even guarantee that the cops and courts will let you get anywhere--they could all be in his pocket, and then where are you? And Empire City is short of superheroes right now. I think you might have bitten off more than you can chew."


Which put an end to that discussion.

The other interesting part was Glory B, who started off by saying, "There's a new band of young superheroes in Los Angeles. They call themselves the Righteous. They've been recruiting, not aggressively, but judiciously. But it's not clear who organized them."

"Oh," I said, "that's like Icecap's group in Empire City. The Defense Posse. Except they haven't been recruiting."

"Yes, they have," Bob said.

"They have," Greyghost confirmed.


"There's a group like that in Chicago too," Scintilla said. "It didn't occur to me to wonder who was organizing them."

We pondered this. How to resolve this question?

"Dennis, on Monday, see what you can find out about this." That's how.

(Since then, Monday has come and gone, and I found out what I could find out about it. Nothing.)
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