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Monday, May 30, 2005

Typically I only do office- and superhero-related errands for Greyghost. Occasionally I have to schlep some art around town for him, and I'm liable to be drafted into chauffeur duty for any kind of excursion. But only rarely have I been to his actual house.

I like it better that way. If he wants Victor Scigrave's life to be a Dennis-free zone, I think that's probably healthy for him.

The first time I saw Casa Scigrave I figured, this guy's place is going to be all black and white and grey and glass and silver and mirrors and angles and leather couches, and I went in, and that's exactly what it was like. How annoying. Except that there are basically two ways this kind of decorating look can go--one, it can look like nobody lives there, or two, it can look like someone does live there and is making the place kind of seedy. Greyghost somehow managed to avoid both of these.

Today I was in there to help set up for some kind of party he was having. I wasn't invited, of course, but he wanted certain of Itzhak's devices planted here and there, and the caterers could use the extra pair of hands. Made a nice change from the office.

And I can't deny that I did a bit of snooping around. I tilted everything I could find on the mantel and the bookshelves but the secret entrance to the Batcave refused to reveal itself. Oh well. Actually I was really looking for evidence of female overnight guests, but all I found was a couple of books that I think Ingrid had given him for Christmas.

Before I left I clouted a plastic container from Greyghost's kitchen and filled it with a wide selection of hors d'oeuvres from the caterers' van. Ron and Linnet are probably going to be watching movies at the apartment tonight, and I will be all the more welcome if I bring snacks.
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