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Sunday, May 22, 2005

I finally got around to looking up Omicron. Greyghost had mentioned him in connection with the possibility that Icecap might be a bust as a superhero--which, I'm a little disappointed to say, hasn't really happened yet--but he didn't say why it was a good comparison.

Omicron was a superhero about seven years ago. He seemed to have some kind of mental powers and some other mystical-type abilities. It's hard to tell--these files are mostly based on newspaper articles annotated by Greyghost, and the papers don't tend to have good information about superpowers.

Anyway, he was only a superhero for a couple of months. And he seems to have done a pretty good job. His last case was a fight against a supervillain named The Sagittarian, who was trying to kill his ex-wife or something. Something must have happened, because The Sagittarian was never apprehended, and Omicron never did anything else after that.

The file doesn't have anything about exactly what happened, but there is a note in Greyghost's handwriting with an address and phone number in it, so maybe I'll check that out tomorrow, if I have time for it.
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