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Friday, April 01, 2005

Last night Linnet was over watching videos with Ron. I hung out with them, biding my time, until Ron said he was going down to the corner store to get some more Coke.

Once the door closed behind him, I turned to Linnet and said, "I will give you five seconds to apologize for what you and that reporter were up to, before I pull this lever and drop you into the hottest fires of hell."

She sighed. "Nefario's in jail, right?"


"And did Claudia get her story?"

"Not much of one," I said.

"And why was that?"

"Because the way everything fell out, other newspapers were reporting pieces of it before she could get her own paper to understand she was still alive."

"And did the Table get their cover-up?"

"No. They're all over the papers. Everyone's blaming them for Nefario."

"Greyghost's identity is secure? You and he and all your people are safe?"


"Then why don't you take that hell-lever and shove it up your ass?" Linnet asked, smiling.

"You mean that--"

"I mean that it's good for you and Greyghost to get a taste of what it's like when the law doesn't support you. We don't all have the government on our side, you know."

"You can't just--"

"Shh," she said. "Ron just got off the elevator."

"How do you know?"

"I," she said, "am a superhero."

I'm beginning to think that one feature of superheroes is that they always have an answer for you.
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