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Sunday, April 03, 2005

I wandered into the blue room tonight to get a can of Jolt. Cassie and Greyghost were in there arguing.

"He has no choice," Greyghost was saying.

"He must have," Cassie answered. "It doesn't make any sense otherwise."

"The blueprints speak for themselves. That corridor is his only way out, and that's where we'll trap him."

I looked at the blueprints. It was for one of the classified labs near the particle accelerator at the university. And there was, in fact, one area that seemed to have only one corridor leading out of it. As in, no windows + really thick walls + no back doors.

"He's not going to let himself get trapped in there," she argued. "He's got another way out. He must know that as soon as he gets in there, security's going to come down on him like a duffel bag of pudding. And he's not powerful enough to shrug that off. He's got another plan."

Greyghost gestured at the blueprint. "There is no other plan. He can't have one."

"Who are we talking about here?" I asked.


"Oh, right. I remember him."

"He's setting up a raid on this lab for Tuesday night," Cassie said. "We're gonna squash his dreams and make him cry."


"To resume. The blueprints are clear. Also they are consistent with my knowledge of the building. We'll go with my plan."

"It's a mistake," Cassie said. "The last day or two I've studied Scorch's dossier everlastingly. He's not a genius or anything, but he always has some kind of getaway in mind."

"You've made your point. We'll go with my plan."

She was silent for a moment. "Okay," she said. "Your plan it is."

And none of us said anything for a moment.

Then she looked at me. "That stuff will kill you," she said, pointing to my Jolt. "Why do you think I put that case of juice in the fridge?"
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