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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Someone caught it on camera.

Icecap and his compadres caught up with Greyghost this evening, and tried to bring him in on suspicion of murder. The videotape made it to air, I taped the broadcast, and I've been replaying it ever since.

The tape starts with the shot of a rooftop. I can't tell what building. Greyghost is running across the rooftop, but is blocked by the sudden appearance of a wall of ice in front of him.

He whirls around, and is hit by floodlights: Fantastic Man, floating in midair, is lighting up the entire area. Next, Prowl (in human form) leaps down from the Icycle to fight Greyghost hand-to-hand. Icecap covers her by shooting icebolts at Greyghost. Prowl is careful to keep Greyghost between her and Fantastic Man's lights. Which also lets Icecap get better shots at Greyghost.

When I saw what kind of strategy they had cooked up, I started to worry. It was pretty smart; use the lights to remove Greyghost's advantages, and then come at him from both sides. They even kept Shadow-Falcon out of it, which is what I would have done. After all, he's still pretty much just a green kid, and his darkness powers would have played right into Greyghost's hands.

I stopped worrying about eight seconds later. Greyghost decked Prowl with one punch, turned, ripped off his cape, and swirled it up at Fantastic Man. It blocked the floodlights for a couple of seconds, which is all Greyghost needed to dissolve into the resulting shadows.

By the time the lights were clear again, Greyghost was on the Icycle. He grabbed Icecap by the scruff of his neck and pitched him into his own icewall, and then rammed Fantastic Man with the Icycle. And was gone.

The rest of the footage was of the three of them picking themselves up and wondering what happened. It took them three minutes to extract Icecap's head from the icewall.

I wonder who was running the camera.
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