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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Maybe I was zonked from being encased in ice, but I couldn't help thinking that I already knew how this was going to play out. I wasn't even scared when Nefario's goons pointed their guns at me. I knew, knew, that Greyghost and Cassie were about to show up and save everybody. I didn't have any basis for knowing this, of course, but I was convinced of it nevertheless.

And I was right. They were just about to pull the triggers on me when the air filled with silver bolts. Nefario's men dropped like flies and there were a couple of big splashes as hovercrafts hit the drink. As Cassie cleared up all the cannon fodder, Greyghost, from nowhere, snagged Nefario with some kind of line from his grappling-hook gun and yanked him back down to earth.

So of course there was a big fight between Greyghost and Nefario. And it was a pretty apocalyptic fight. Or it should have been. I had a hard time watching it, for one thing; I couldn't turn my head and my ice floe kept bobbing in the wrong direction. But, again, I knew Greyghost was going to win anyway.

So what was going on here? Either a) I was getting jaded, b) I was psychic, or c) I was on to something weird. And not for the first time. I was so busy thinking about this I hardly even noticed when Cassie melted me out of the iceberg. I still don't know what to think about it all. But I don't like it.
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