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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Jean Jacket Guy ran out to see what the deal was with the explosion, and Desmond and the driver hauled me out of my chair. "Take it easy," I said.

"Put him in the basement room," Desmond said to the driver. "I'll finish with him later." Desmond was picking up a phone as the driver shoved me out the door.

The building was one of these ones where there's a big long hallway that runs straight through from the front lobby to the back lobby, with the elevators in the middle. Some guys with helmets and guns were storming in from both directions, with us trapped between them. At first I thought they were security, but then I saw the way they were subduing and roughing up the few other people in the lobby.

I didn't see much hope for escape, but I figured I had a better chance then than I would later, so I broke free of the driver and made a break for a hallway that looked like it ought to lead to a side door.

And that's how I got captured by Nefario's international criminal organization.
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