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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Greyghost hasn't checked in in days. I'm not really worried about him, but I am worried that he's on the wrong track.

His GPS info coming through on the penphone shows that he's in Washington. Which I don't get. Meanwhile, I've been looking through some of his notes on Claudia Calhoun that he left here, and I think I've found something important.

Seems she wasn't only investigating Greyghost when she died. She was also checking out somebody named Mourn. I thought it sounded like a supervillain name, so I looked it up, and I was almost right. It's the real name of a supervillain named Nefario, who I've definitely heard of before. He's a, I don't know, an international powermonger type. He had his own archipelago once. I wish I had an archipelago.

But I don't think anybody else is acting on this. I don't think Nefario's in Washington. I'm not even sure he's in America. I've talked to Bob about the Calhoun murder and he didn't mention anything about Nefario. I called Prowl on her penphone (partly to see if I could get her and Icecap and those guys to leave us alone) and she didn't say anything about Nefario.

Unfortunately Greyghost isn't answering his phone. I left a message but there's been no acknowledgement.
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