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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The costume kit in the dumpster behind the pizza place was easy.

The grappling-hook gun in the pen of Dobermans was kind of tricky.

The saxophone case in the bus-station locker would have been a lot easier if Greyghost had remembered the locker number correctly.

The portfolio in the bookmobile was pretty easy once I tracked down the right bookmobile and figured out where it was going to be. (The libraries think they know where the bookmobiles go. They're wrong.)

I had to give up on the cloak and mask stuffed into the suit of armor in the museum vault.

But the really hard one turned out to be the spectral differentiator in the Volkswagen trunk in the used car lot. It was a pretty sleazy used car lot, and there was always some salesman watching me. I wondered if I'd have to buy the damn car just to get a moment alone with it. Eventually I went home, changed into a suit and fake glasses and went back, pretending to be a process server. Everybody cleared out and I had the lot to myself long enough to retrieve the spec diff.
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