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Thursday, January 13, 2005

That seems better.

Flying an aircar is harder than it looks. You have to put your feet under the pedals and pull up on them if you want to go down and down if you want to go up. But if you don't steer it properly you'll go down anyway. That's what happened to me.

The clouds on this planet change color as they get closer to the planet. The floating platforms are up in the pink clouds. Below that is a green layer, then I think there was purple, followed by a lot of red and then grey at the bottom. I am now at the bottom, but I'm still higher up than the aircar. The aircar is three-quarters submerged in some kind of yellow lake, being frowned at by some creatures that look like black swans with bat-wings.

It's quiet here, and not very warm. I've e-mailed my current situation to Cruickshank. It'd really tick me off if I got home and found that he hadn't read any of this. It'd tick me off even more if I didn't get home because he hadn't read any of it, but I suppose I'd never know.

I'm on another planet!

If only I could see more of it. It's really foggy around here, and dim. The landscape I've walked over seems vaguely Earth-like--dirt, rocks, some kind of plants or other (although they're dark blue instead of green). No sign of civilization yet, although I know there has to be some somewhere. The damn aliens and their sky cities weren't spontaneously generated up there.

Hunger is starting to become an issue. But my spirits are high!
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