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Monday, January 10, 2005

So then last night I'm eavesdropping again and arrive at the doorway in the middle of this conversation:

"...could be in trouble," Fehnruller was saying.

"I told you," Misty said.

"Never mind that. We need a plan. Alterjio can handle the undercover guy at the store, if that's what he is. We have to worry about the slaves."

"Did Fifi turn up?"

"No. I don't know what we can do about her. Let's just hope she got herself killed or something. But we have to get rid of the other one. The Cridegreens do have a few people who speak English and if the heat's coming down we can't afford to have him spilling his guts." Well, that's your basic good news/bad news.

"So you're gonna kill him!? Just like that." I guess it's flattering that she thought more about me dying than about all the people who got killed in the spaceship raids.

"The easiest way is probably poison. We'll slip some shit into the food we leave around for them. Then that'll be it."

"Jesus," she said. "Maybe some of that green cleaning stuff. It doesn't smell too strong." I couldn't believe I was hearing this.

Time to go.

I skulked back to my room, grabbed my stuff, and headed for the door. It slid open soundlessly (technology!) and I was out on the aircar deck. I climbed into Fehnruller's aircar, rubbed my hands together, and looked at the instrument panel.

What the hell; Fehnruller drives it. How hard could it be?
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