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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

So, a plan to get in touch with the undercover alien cop infiltrating Fehnruller's operation.


The real problem is how to get out of here.

Fehnruller's place is a dome made of one-way glass sitting on a round platform floating in the sky. It's divided into rooms and all, for privacy (and because Fehnruller doesn't have the imagination to live in a glass dome without turning it into a freaking bungalow), and it seems stable enough, but we're still up in the scary air. There's a planet below, somewhere, but if it isn't close enough to be visible it's no help.

It's actually kind of neat being here. Fehnruller's dome is part of a big cluster of floating domes all bobbing together in the same area of the green sky, among the pink clouds. The domes all have vanes sticking out the bottom with discs strung on them. The aliens all get from dome to dome in little flying saucers (the covered-in-leaves look seems to be only for off-planet travel). I have no idea where they get food and fuel and, well, everything else from. The planet itself?

Anyway. Assume Ingrid or I can steal Fehnruller's aircar. We'd still have to know how to fly the damn thing, and then we'd have to know how to get to the Great Terran Ganja Emporium or whatever they're calling it. And we don't know either of those things.

Assume Ingrid or I can overcome all that. We sneak in and find the right guy. Does he speak English?

Assume he does. Now what? What the hell have I got to offer him?

Assume we make some kind of deal. Does it get Ingrid and me home?

Actually, yeah, it might.

I still hope Greyghost and Cassie show up soon.
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