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Sunday, January 23, 2005

I'd say the following conversation sums things up best. Greyghost, Ingrid, Cassie and I were in this spaceship (borrowed, I understand, from Glory B) on our way back to Earth. Fehnruller and Misty were locked up in the back.

Cassie said to Ingrid, "I'm still getting chills across my spine at the way you argued for us in court. I thought the magistrate was going to give all of us the chair, but you were... I don't even know. Inspirational. It was like a movie."

"I don't remember that," I said.

"You were still in the holding cell," Ingrid told me. "You missed the big space battle, too. Alterjio and his men tried to blast their way out of their spaceship hangar and Victor and Cassie had to fight four of those leaf-covered battle jets. One time, Cassie blazed herself up with silver fire and flew right through one of the enemy ships!"

"Holding cell again?" I asked.

"No," Greyghost said, "this happened before Perseid found you."

"So you were blasting spaceships out of the air and I was toting that barge and lifting that bale down in Fogpatch."

"That wasn't the most important part, though," Cassie said. "Greyghost spent four days in Fehnruller's marijuana shop collecting information, and nobody saw him, even though he was coordinating everything with me and with the Crideon police the whole time."

"That would have been while you were sleeping on cardboard boxes and scrubbing toilets for Fehnruller and Misty,"

"No, it wouldn't have been," I told her. "Once you left I moved from the cardboard to the bag of tampons."

Space travel is overrated.
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