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Friday, November 19, 2004

Today I was helping Greyghost--Victor--drive his new painting to this one gallery. I'm not a big art guy, but I do like Greyghost's stuff. There's never any question about what you're looking at, but the longer you study it the more you see.

Take this latest one. It's a seascape. Clouds, hills, ocean. Pretty. But you can pick out fine lines of detail that suggest a chessboard, where the chess pieces are unspeakable creatures from the depths versus ethereal angels from on high. And once you see that, you see that the little boat out there on the waves is going to get creamed in the middle of this war. The title of the painting is 'Lighthouse', but there's no lighthouse shown. There is light, but it's shining from the direction of whoever's viewing the picture. I wouldn't have thought this stuff would sell, but it does.
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