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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

My boss disappears every now and then. It's part of being a superhero, I guess; you've got an irregular schedule and sometimes you have to fly to Kenya to shut down a cocaine plantation run by vampires. No time to check in at the office.

I'm used to that. It's just a matter of saving his mail and calling Bob or someone for the real emergencies. Cruickshank and Ingrid and Tamar and I have got it all down to a science.

What I'm not used to is Cassie disappearing. Her last case last night was an investigation of a mysterious ship docked near Arbuckle Quay; it may have something to do with a radical Zoroastrian terrorist/supervillain group called the Four of Shadow. And we haven't heard from her since.

I would have thought I'd be worried, but I'm not. I gave up on worrying about superheroes months ago. They're always fine. It's not a flattering comparison, but they're like Lassie--you know she's going to find her way home, and you know she's going to pull some kid out of the well on her way. So in the meantime I'm feeding fish and playing Minesweeper.
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