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Thursday, November 04, 2004

"I miss baseball," I said. I always say that in the off-season. Because I do.

"I don't get that about you," Cassie said. Oh, yeah: Cassie's back. "Nothing against baseball, but you really should be a basketball fan. Why aren't you?"

"You mean other than the whole not liking basketball thing?"

"But you're from the Midwest! The whole Hoosiers deal. It's a rule. You have to like basketball."

"I did when I was little," I said. "I just got sick of it. My brother Jonathan was a big basketball guy and the whole family had hoops for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I couldn't take it any more. My sister's the same way."

"Your brother... wait a minute. Jonathan Relser. Is your brother Nat Relser?"

"We always called him Jonathan."

"The UCLA center in the '80s? But he was great! He almost got drafted by the NBA!"

"He did. He just wanted to go in the army instead."

"He was great! How come you never told me you were Nat Relser's brother? This is huge!"

"Can we talk about something else?"
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