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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Suchit told me a joke as I came in today.

Q. How many superheroes does it take to change a light bulb?

A. One to take the bulb into a phone booth, one to twirl a magic lasso around it, one to put it in front of an alien artifact and recite an oath, one to get really mad, one to bang a walking stick on the ground, one to release a new bulb from a secret compartment inside a wedding ring along with a burst of vapor that'll restore it to regular size, one to be bitten by a radioactive spider... Suchit kept going with more after this point but, having gotten the idea, I had already tuned out.


Haven't seen Greyghost since I gave him that list of local superheroes. He's had me farming all the crimefighting out to Cassie, which she initially liked. She's starting to have doubts, though. "I don't have the finesse that Greyghost does," she told me. "I'm okay with flying around and blasting things, but when Evil Danny Wilcox is hiding in a chemical plant, I run out of ideas pretty quick. Greyghost hasn't retired, has he?"
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