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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The ironic thing is that Prowl was right. Greyghost's Pen-Pals Club isn't really about superheroes being able to help each other out, because superheroes don't scream for help that often. It's about getting a source of cheap labor to help Greyghost out with fighting crime his way. I've got a bet on with Cruickshank that I'm going to be getting less than two calls a month from all those pens I handed out on the weekend, but I think I'm going to be making a few of 'em.

The pens are a pretty nice piece of engineering. It has two buttons--'call' and 'answer'. That's all it needs because it's set to dial my number only. And it won't even do that unless you take the clasp and bend it back the wrong way. Best of all, they don't look expensive or interesting. Just plain metal.

In other news. I just picked up a DVD box set this morning. Crush Camel: The Complete First and Second Seasons! I loved Crush Camel when I was about nine. Best cartoon ever. What would we do without DVDs? As soon as I can rig up a TV in here, I'm going to embark on a marathon, and Empire City's criminal element can wait their turn.
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