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Thursday, September 16, 2004

One of the things I've had to do since getting back from the Generic Fantasy World is catch up with baseball. The season's winding down now and the Pioneers are once again sucking canal water. When I left they had been flirting with .500 but in my absence they lost about four-fifths of their games. They actually got no-hit twice in the same week. God, they're a brutal team to be a fan of. The Pie will break your heart. And we don't even ask that much from them. Basically just not to finish last and not to get swept by the Emperors.

So Nick and I were shooting the breeze today and we came up with our All-Star team of players we had actually seen play. There was a lot of arguing and shifting of positions, but we finally came up with:

C: Ethan Feld
1B: Elgin Woodell
2B: Davy Tremayne
3B: Linda Sunshine (moved from SS)
SS: Randy Dreyfus
OF: Harvey Blissberg
OF: John Barr
OF: Ricky Falls
DH: 'King' Carl Johnson
UT: Charlie Tyke
UT: Kerby Maxwell
UT: Leonard 'The Rooster' Willoughby
P: Johnny Longboat
P: Marty Rabb
P: Sidd Finch
P: Sam Ward
RP: Fenton Claypool
RP: Jennifer T. Rideout
RP: 'Mr. Cool' Tums Taft
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