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Monday, September 27, 2004

I don't know how this city keeps it together. Here's the supervillain-related crime stuff that happened over the last 24 hours (I'm not even talking regular crime) (I get this information from Greyghost's database feeds):

-Greyghost beats the hell out of Murmur on Saturday night near the World War II memorial in that little square off Twelfth

-Bob and Cassie track the Professionals down to a hideout over by Cumberland and have a big fight with them, but they get away

-someone uses some weird kind of metal-shaping power to coat a high school with obscene graffiti made of metal letters melted into the brick walls

-Ms. Moxie, while on patrol, gets attacked by some punk who's learned how to build a laser cannon. He gets away

-Marauder busts out of jail (again), killing two guards in the process

-a suburban house burns to the ground in twelve seconds

-one street gang pounds the crap out of another street gang, making good use of one of their members' telekinetic ability

-a guy walks into the store where he used to work and turns his former manager into a small puddle of gravy

-a fender-bender on the Race River Parkway turns into a fistfight which is resolved by one guy picking up the other guy's car and driving him into the ground with it

-police arrive on the scene of a downtown bar fight on Saturday night only to find that everyone in the place has been encased in ice

-an invisible guy with a gun robs a convenience store. This might be Fade; I'm not sure

-someone in a blue power suit busts open a liquor store and makes off with the safe and a few crates of the merchandise

-the art museum reports some old expensive paintings missing, and the only clue is a human-sized hole melted through one of their back doors

-a werewolf goes on a rampage down Fourth before the cops gun him down

Greyghost's software can run stats on all this stuff. It's definitely getting worse, and not having Manxcat and Surefire around isn't helping matters any. Currently there are only six 'full-time' superheroes in Empire City (Greyghost, Torque, Perseid, One-Eyed Jack, Ms. Moxie and Moonshooter), plus four or five others who must have lives or something because they don't do stuff as often. It's not enough. I can't believe I moved to this place on purpose.
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