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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Vigils suck. I've been sitting here in the dark by this giant statue of an eft for hours now and I'm so bored I'm seriously thinking of trying to count my own hair. It's cold and wet down here in the catacombs under the castle, and I'm starving because the knights made me fast for a day beforehand. Jesus, how much longer do I have to do this?

Stupid Greyghost. The whole point of this vigil, as I understand it, is to purify my soul so that I can stand up to the Ordeal of the Eft, which I still haven't heard any details about. The bonus, though, is that I get to ask the Eft any question I want if I get through it. I assume Greyghost will have a question for me to ask, but I'm secretly reserving the right to ask my own if the Ordeal is, uh, an ordeal.

The other thing about this vigil is that apparently I'm supposed to have visions while I'm down here. I'm thinking it's unlikely. Except that I could have sworn I just saw the eft's eyes move just now. Creepy.
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