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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Okay, so I saw the show. Had a good time, but I'm not sure why Greyghost wanted me to go.

I don't know if Redburn's a good magician or not. I mean, I couldn't figure out how he did all his tricks, but then I never know how any magicians do their tricks. The part where he handed out cards to the audience and made them all disappear in a burst of fire at the same time was cool, though. Not much of a performer, though; he had presence but also a superior, sardonic quality that was a bit of a putoff.

So, fine, he wants me to report; I reported. I listed all the stunts Redburn did, in order. I listed conspicuous members of the audience. I detailed every abracadabra, every time he called someone up on stage and every puff of smoke. When I gave it to Greyghost, I figured he'd flip through it, say "Mm," and that would be that.

No. He read it intently, twice, and almost ran out of the office. "What? What the hell was so important?" I shouted after him. No answer, of course. It's a good thing he's a superhero because ordinary people can't get away with being that secretive.
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