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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Ever snc I clnd the hny out f this thng, it’s bn leaving th vowels t of vry other wrd. How wrd is tht? Magic, guess.

W arrived t the drgn’s cave ystrdy. Empty. T’s not lk any drgn’s lair ‘ve ever hrd of, thgh. This plc is mr like th Playboy Mnsn. Just regular cv in frnt, but f you lk carefully, thr’s a lttl doorway t the bck that lds to qt an lbrt pied-a-terre wth all mdrn conveniences, rn off little gnrtr. The 3 of s are rcprtng here whl we wt for th dragon. T’s pretty rtzy.

I’m gttng a hdch trying t read wht I’m typng. I’ll pst the stry of th ball & our sbsqnt flight, + our fght with th psycho fry bitch, f I cn figure t how t fix ths thing.
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