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Friday, June 25, 2004

The Professionals busted out of jail today. Apparently this kind of thing happens a lot.

The Professionals are the group of supervillains Greyghost nabbed earlier this year at the planetarium. I read their file. They're more mercenary than psychotic, but still very nasty. They have a kind of rotating membership, but always the same three at the core--Keyring (the leader; his powers involve being able to build all kinds of improbable gadgets like the lock-buggerer, the penny gun and the Famous Reciprocating Jetpack), Margay (one of those half-feral cat-women, who's always crouching and baring her claws, like you see in all the comic books) and Sugarbear (big strong guy).

Superheroes must get pretty frustrated. Look at Marauder. One day Greyghost is hauling him out of the luggage compartment of a bus and throwing him in the clink for killing Manxcat; the next day he's wearing purple armor and knocking over a bank. Are the jails made of tissue paper or something?

I asked Greyghost what the deal was with all the jailbreaks, and he just shrugged.

"Well, aren't you concerned?" I asked him.

"There's nothing I can do about it except catch them again."

"Won't they just escape again?"

He didn't answer. So let me get this straight: new supervillains are showing up a lot faster than new superheroes, and the superheroes aren't able to get rid of the old villains for keeps? I don't think this is a sustainable situation.
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