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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Had coffee with Erin again today. Again, it wasn't so bad. At least this time she didn't burden me with John's company. Apparently she and John are still pretty serious about each other. I wonder what they see in each other? I mean, John must have something on the ball to work where he does, but he doesn't have much to say for himself, and Erin's pretty--what's the phrase--socially intense? Oh well; as long as I'm out of it.

Here's the weird part, though. The last time I met Erin for coffee, a couple of guys followed her and John out the door. I thought they were, like, John's posse or something, and maybe they were, but they were back again this time, except one of them started following me as I left. Why? Who the hell cares what I do?

Well, I don't need that kind of noise. I don't need it for many reasons. But you don't work a year for a superhero without picking up a bit of information about this kind of stuff.

It's pretty easy to lose someone who's trying to follow you, especially if you don't care if they know you're trying to lose them, and especially especially if you don't mind making a fool out of yourself in the process. I didn't mind. Hey, whatever kind of madness John's up to, it's nothing to do with me.

So I let out a big whoop and started tear-assing down the street. People were staring and getting out of the way, and I made pretty good time for a couple of blocks. When I looked around the guy was nowhere around. I made a few more random turns before continuing on my way.

On the one hand I'd really like to ask Erin what the deal is with John and these following-around guys, but the problem is that that would almost certainly lead to a conversation, and that would be unacceptable.
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