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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

On the way in this afternoon I passed Nick's desk. "Dennis," he said. "Hold up."

"Hey, Nick."

"Hi. What are you doing Saturday evening," he informed me.

"Same as usual, I guess," I said. "Why?"

"Well. My boyfriend wants to throw a party. But he's sick of only ever having his circle of friends over. He wants me to invite people too. So what do you think."

"Uhh . . . I'll make it if I can, Nick, but you know the hours I work. I might be stuck in here. You having trouble finding people to invite?"

"Yeah. I can't invite Suchit because if I'm having a party, he must be working. Most of the other guys at the security company I know wouldn't, uh, be really comfortable with the whole thing. I hardly ever see any of the tenants in here. And most of my other friends are his friends too."

I leaned against the desk. "This is the guy I saw here that time? With the hat?"

"Kevin. Yeah."

"I guess you haven't invited Greyghost or Cruickshank."

We considered this idea for a while.

"Ingrid's coming, though," he said.

"Oh? Cool. Anyway. All I can tell you is I'll be there if I can."

He nodded once and I continued on to the elevators.

I'm not going to be able to make it. Saturday night? Saturday night is prime time for supervillains. I haven't had a Saturday night off since I started this job.
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