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Saturday, April 10, 2004

Greyghost accepted the cassette without comment. I couldn't resist asking him, though:

"Could I have just delivered the Kool-Aid mix to Cole? Couldn't he have added the water there?"

"No. The pipes in that neighbourhood are not good. The concentration of certain minerals is too high in the water."


"No other questions??"

Now that you mention it, I'd also like to know what the deal is with the alien in the bathtub. And who exactly is Cole? Or Santos? And what do you want to learn from this alien? And, for that matter--there are aliens? "No, that's it."


I'm still trying to figure out exactly what 'Mm' means.


Had the conversation with Ron. A brief excerpt:

"That's shit. You are so full of shit. Nobody's job is to slosh red shit all over a goddamn restaurant."

Another brief excerpt:

"Just tell me! Who am I going to tell? Look at me! I'm an industrial spy! I have microchips up my ass!"

A final brief excerpt:

"All right. I have to go to work now. Except I can't tell you where, because my job's a secret too now. The way I suck up to the public and bring them food? That's a secret. Picking armpit hair out of the tip jar? Classified. Oh, and I'd describe our specials to you, but then I'd have to kill you!"

Ron has to learn that anger leads to the Dark Side of the Force.
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