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Sunday, April 25, 2004

Busy and relaxing few days. I stocked up at a bookstore and a CD store, visited the gym for the first time in months, and bought groceries.

Then I did tourist stuff. Went up the Flemm Building. Visited the Museum of Postmodern Civilization. The zoo. Saw an Emperors game (even better: they lost). Took a ride on the Race Bay Ferry.

And here's the part that ticked me off: the guy on the boat said to me, "Where're you from?" Obviously assuming that I wasn't from Empire City, because only tourists ride on this boat.

So I said, "What do you mean?"

"What do I mean?"

"I'm just wondering what makes you think I'm from somewhere."

"Everybody's from somewhere. What, you're from nowhere?"

Sometimes I wonder. "I mean, I live here in the city. You must have thought I didn't, if you're asking me where I'm from. Why?"

He looked at me more in sorrow than in anger. "Where did you live before you moved here?"


"And how many years ago was that?"

"Less than one."

"There you go," he said, and moved on. Busted.

Wonder when I'm gonna get called in to work?
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